The Problem Of Common Language Essay

The Problem Of Common Language Essay

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Learning how to speak different languages is very skillful. Although it is necessary to study various languages to enhance international communication, the issue arrives when a language is totally destroyed. Communication becomes less effectively due to a lack of structure, organization, and commonality in a realm of linguists. A standard language is used in various means of education, and societal publication in order to create a focal point as to how ideas are translated to the public. In order to make universal societal progress it is important to analyze the issue of the destruction of a common language which can be associated with the increase of immigration.
Solving the issue of common language must be done by finding the destruction of the concept. Immigration can be deemed as one of the leading problems to the language gap. When analyzing immigration in the United States, the country has not always been open to the idea, in order to preserve constitutional foundation and tradition. Initially through the first century of American independence, immigration into the United States was largely unrestricted. According to “The Immigrant Act of 1917,” “this open door policy began to change during the 1870s and 1880s, with the introduction of federal legislation aimed at barring two classes of immigrants Asian laborers to California and immigrants deemed physically and mentally “undesirable”. In 1882, for example Congress passed the Chinese Exclusion Act to bar the immigration of Chinese workers and a general immigration act to bar the immigration of persons judged to become public charges.” In relationship to the topic of Common Language destruction a literacy test was also required in the provisions of the immigration act of 1917...

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... and military aspects and by the huge influence of American movies.” Because of its easy verb conjugation and Latin roots English is also the ideal language to establish a universal language. By establishing a standard of universal language it will be easier to communicate domestically and internationally, which can be beneficial for societal development.
Advancements in technology has also increased the ability for the world to shift into the idea of establishing a universal language. There is electronic means of communication has aided it in creating a smaller more connected world. For those individuals who are immigrants communications becomes more effective when it can be done. Electronically despite the language gaps. Technology advancements has also made communication more effective and efficient by establishing symbols as pictures as a means of communications

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