The Problem Of College Tuition Essay

The Problem Of College Tuition Essay

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College tuition has a bad name to it, and for a good reason. More students and paying parents are feeling defeated attempting to pay off loans that typically hang over a students head for a good amount of years after finishing their education and getting their degrees. While the government has attempted to try chip away at the $1.2 trillion debt that has accumulated for college students around the United States, they are no where near having a permanent solution that lets graduates get on with their life without struggling. There are a spectrum of problems that create this debt, and only a few solutions that match up with these problems.
Tuition in colleges go up typically every year, both in four year and two year schools. This can be blamed on many things that are always changing through the passing years. The biggest cause can be attributed to the amount that the state finances for students. Often, this is called the “Catch-22” rule. For a university or a college to get Federal Title IV financial aid, they must “receive at least 10 percent of their revenue from nonfederal sources.” Just between 2008-2011, government aid increased 40%. But some colleges also take advantage of the fact that the state covers so much of their tuition, especially those schools who are for-profit. With increasingly more students attending college with loans and grants, these schools know that if tuition is raised, the state aid will eventually cover that. But with this higher tuition that continues to rise because of universities and the state funding going back and forth, some prospective students and parents may be thrown off from the high price tag, not keeping in mind that financial aid, scholarships, and grants may cover them. Anothe...

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...s of 2016, the debt in America just from student loans is almost at $1.3 trillion, the second highest debt, first being the housing debt. These two debts will continue to increase, as college graduates are pushing off buying their first home, mostly because they cannot afford it. “Almost half -- 46 percent -- of young millennials polled currently living with family, and said student debt played in a role in their decision” (Student loans deterring). When a student defaults on their rates, it costs taxpayers money, to try and
There are a few solutions that can be used to attempt to fix this problem. One of the biggest ones that the government has already implanted, but should regulate more strongly is the Cohort Default Rate policy. This policy monitors a schools default rates, and rewards or punishes the school based on how high or low their percentage is.

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