The Problem Of Child Sexual Abuse Essay

The Problem Of Child Sexual Abuse Essay

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The problems regarding child sexual abuse in our society is an important and continuing concern. This abuse affects children and young teens every year. This type of abuse occurs more frequently than it is being reported. One of the reasons it is not being reported because the victim or the child involved is too afraid to tell anyone. This issue needs to be addressed and more programs and laws need to be put into effect to prevent this maltreatment. A broad definition for child sexual abuse is both direct genital contact and indirect interactions such as exposure or internet based activity. This issue can take many forms. The report will inform us what child sexual abuse entail, the impact of this treatment has on the child and on our society, the warning signs of a child in this situation and how to aid the victim/child to cope with the incident.
As mentioned earlier, a broad definition for child sexual abuse is both direct genital contact and indirect interactions. In the article, “What is Child Sexual Abuse?” Stanley R. Friedman states, “Criminal statues usually define child abuse as nonconsensual physical contact with a minor for purposes of sexual gratifications. Some types of contact, genital penetration, for example, are virtually assumed to be sexually gratifying” (1990). Fondling, making a child touch an adult’s sexual organs are forms of touching sexual offenses. This kind of mistreatment can include engaging in indecent exposure or exhibitionism, masturbating in front of a child. The age of children protected by child sexual abuse laws is different from state to state. In most states, sexual contact between an adult (18 years or older) and someone under 16 years old is child sexual abuse and is against the law, eve...

... middle of paper ... Center, 2010).
As a final point, the issues regarding child sexual abuse are critical in our society. This type of abuse occurs more frequently than it is being reported. Sexual abuse can happen to boys or girls of any race, ethnicity, or economic background. Sexual abuse does not discriminate. And no child is immune. Victims who have experienced sexual abuse as a child are at higher risk for numerous adverse health conditions. They can suffer from depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), insomnia. Due to culture norms different cultures have bearing on how these sexual acts are reported. Prevention to sexual child abuse is to educate the child and educate the parents as to what are the warnings. Currently, there are resources that are available to victims and their families. They are located national wide and are available locally as well.

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