The Problem Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Essay

The Problem Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Essay

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When I was fourteen years old, I was talking to a friend of mine and mentioned a bizarre dream I had. It was a dream about my wrist becoming torn open as I astonishingly gazed at the tendons and muscles that controlled my wrist as it moved. This dream just seemed out of ordinary for me at the time. When I was done describing the dream my friend said, “Well, have you been stressed lately? Typically dreams about physical injury have to do about stress, and you may be concerned about your wrist.” That response was surprising, never before had I ever thought that dreams may have a meaning with them. I thought about my situation, and at the time I was worried about developing carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist because it had been hurting whenever I wrote or drew anything. Ever since then, I had a curiosity about dreams and the meanings within them. If a dream struck me as odd, I’d think about it and try to find the theme of the dream and apply it to my current situation. Although every dream may not be significant to one’s current state in life, learning how to analyze dreams can make one more aware of their conscious, such as dealing with stress, insecurities, identity, for example, and then proceed to find the appropriate resources to relieve the problem.
Dreams are a series of ideas, images, sensations, and emotions that occur in sleep . During sleep, a person goes through four to five REM periods. REMs are states of rapid eye movement that last from 30 to 90 minutes in length . During REM periods, brain waves that are detected through electroencephalography are similar to that of person who is awake . Besides REM periods, sleeping people go through periods of NREM, non-rapid eye movement. NREM periods occur in between REM periods...

... middle of paper ... state, it is such an interesting experience to look into the possible meanings and themes within dreams. When it comes to recurring stress and negative themes within dreams, one can prepare or find ways to soothe and relieve the issues they face in life. Acknowledgement of the current obstacles within life can help more independent individuals approach coping skills and adjust to efficiently overcome their obstacles, while other people may prefer, and/or benefit more from seeking other resources such as counseling, therapy, or researching websites and articles that have solutions for whatever they may be dealing with. Although dream analysis is not fully scientifically backed and the universal symbols are not experienced by everyone, analyzing dreams can still provide possible explanations for stress or other negative effects that are taking a toll on people.

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