Essay about The Problem Of Cancer Treatment

Essay about The Problem Of Cancer Treatment

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“Cancer affects all of us, whether you’re a daughter, mother, sister, friend, coworker, doctor, or patient” (Aniston). Cancer treatment is a very sore subject, but many people are diagnosed with this disease. However, doctors have ways of finding cancer and treating it. Cancer is a very serious issue that needs to be dealt with in each person who is diagnosed with it. To understand the solution, one has to know the causes, effects, and problems of cancer.
To understand the problem of cancer treatment, one has to know the history of cancer. It 's a disease that kills millions a year [sic] and a slew of hoped-for miracle treatments have gone nowhere (Begley “Could This Be the End of Cancer”). President Nixon declared war on cancer in 1971 (Begley “Curing Cancer”). This is the main reason why cancer treatment is such a huge issue today. Ever since then, scientists, doctors, researchers, and experts have been looking for “a cure” in cancer treatment. Since it is a major disease that people get as of 2010 569,490 people would have died from cancer just that year (Begley ‘Curing Cancer’). The 569,490 people dying each year changes depending on what treatment people have and how many are diagnosed each year. The rate of cancer for men and women dropped in just new cancer cases in November 2008 (Graham). Old cancer cases still increase and decrease each day. Cancer history is still building and becoming bigger and bigger each day. It adds new information each day.
Secondly, diagnosing cancer can be very difficult for doctors. Cancer is not just one type, it has many different types. "We 're not finding enough of the really lethal cancers, and we 're finding too many of the slow-moving ones that probably don 't need to be foun...

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...h with all of the details dealing with cancer. There is a main start to cancer treatment issues. There are cancer treatment issues, diagnosing cancer can be very difficult, and cancer treatment has issues on which one is the best. After all, the problems happen to have causes dealing with cancer treatment and discovering it. When patients hear the word cancer and not finding cancer in people right away is another issue in cancer treatment. Next, the effects of the cancer treatment issue are, treatment can be very serious, and there are many different types of treatment. Lastly, the solutions to go with all of these problems. The way cancer may be prevented in each person. There are different ways cancer can be cured the first time. Different types of treatment can lead to curing cancer. Most people prefer to have chemotherapy. It cures it right away most of the time.

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