The Problem Of Bullying : The United States Department Of Health And Human Services

The Problem Of Bullying : The United States Department Of Health And Human Services

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Stories such as Monique’s prove that there are policies out there that consistently fail to work. One is called zero-tolerance policies, and while these succeed at sending the message that bullying is not tolerated, there are several problems with them. Nora M. Findlay believes, “One of the most serious problems inherent in zero tolerance is that it treats dissimilar problems in a similar way” (14). Secondly, the United States Department of Health and Human Services declares, “Students and teachers may be less likely to report and address bullying if suspension or expulsion is the consequence” (“Support the Kids Involved”). Two other policies that are used but never works is called peer-mediation, and conflict resolution. In “Myths about Bullying” The United States Department of Health and Human Services stresses, “Conflict involves antagonism among two or more people. Whereas any two people can have a conflict (or a disagreement or a fight) bullying only occurs when there is a power imbalance-where one child has a hard time defending himself or herself” (sec. 1). This difference is essential to be aware of, since being forced to confront people who torment them can be extremely distressing for people who are bullied. Not only that, but it sends the message that all children share equal blame, which is definitely not an appropriate message. The message to the person being bullied should be,
Also, the United States Department of Health and Human Services asserts that it is very important to not label kids involved with bullying as bullies and victims, for a couple of different reasons. First of all, doing so sends the untrue message that the behavior cannot change. In addition, labeling kids also blows off other factors that contr...

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...bullying, they may either be trying to deal with stress inappropriately, or simply be taking advantage of gender roles as an excuse to bring others down and therefore boost their own popularity. Whatever the case may be, bullying can be done in various ways. This issue also has the power to turn an entertaining yet still productive and safe learning environment into a place that is more akin to a prison cell from the deepest depths of Hades, for certain students. Although it is occasionally treated inappropriately by schools still today, people are slowly beginning to realize that the costs of such bullying behaviors outweigh the benefits in the long haul. Therefore, what was once considered to be a common occurrence that people should just ignore is being extensively studied in order to eliminate it from our country and create a brighter and more productive future.

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