The Problem Of Bullying And Harassment Essay

The Problem Of Bullying And Harassment Essay

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Americans might not see commercials or posters of bullying and harassment everywhere, but that does not mean it is not an issue in the United States. Bullying and harassment is a major issue in American schools even if Americans do not realize it. Schools might be able regulate what students can say and do to others on campus, but schools cannot regulate what happens outside, especially on social media. According to an online article, “Bullying Statistics”, the author explains, “About 80 percent of all high school students have encountered being bullied in some fashion online.” This shows that cyberbullying has become one of the most prevalent ways of hurting another person. The majority of students have experienced bullying and or harassment sometime throughout their school years. In addition, it has become more common for students who have been provoked to want to retaliate in order to put an end to this torture. These retaliations bring more hatred and bullying. It might not seem like it because the majority of the cases is hidden from the public until a tragedy happens. Bullying and harassment is difficult to identify because students often use inappropriate words when talking to each other even if they are best friends.
Students do not feel secure at school because bullying and harassment can occur anywhere and to any student. According to ABC News’ article, “Bullied to Death in America’s Schools,” Jim Dubreuil states, “An epidemic that causes 160,000 children a day to stay home from school because they are afraid.” If this amount of students are staying home, there is certainly a major issue that schools need to solve. This 160,000 students may be bullied on campus or outside of campus, but whichever it is, it is still part...

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...not take Mrs. Norman’s complaint seriously and allowed Rebecca to be victimized. The school could have prevented this tragedy by investigating more deeply into this problem, but instead all it did was change the girls’ schedule. Changing the girls schedule did not make any difference because the girls would still see each other before school, lunch, and after school. If the school had punished the girls for the bullying and harassment that was happening on campus, it might have had an impact on what was going on outside of campus. Sedwick’s death is ultimately not just the school’s fault, however the school should have gotten involved to have prevented her from going through unnecessary torture and most importantly to have prevented her from taking this irreversible action. Unfortunately, everyday students across America go through what Rebecca Sedwick went through.

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