The Problem Of Being Sexual Essay

The Problem Of Being Sexual Essay

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Some people believe once you reach a certain age people just stop being sexual. With the help of science and healthy living people are breaking that mold. But it may come at a cost for some. Some people forget that they need to still be careful and remember that just because you are older does not mean that you cannot catch something that is here for the long haul.
The ad opens to a stage; on it there are multiple older people in their senior years. They are fully clothed; at first it is unsure what is going on. After a frame or two it becomes clear they are getting into sexual positions. It is nothing to graphic that it could not be on basic cable at night. There are over 15 positions these that happen with in 20 seconds of the ad. Words come up on the screen “In Florida alone STDs in seniors have risen 71%.3” The ad does not condemn the act of seniors having sex, it is the complete opposite. It wants them to be aware of the safety risks. At the end it shows the words, “Use a condom.3” They are trying to teach seniors they can still catch an STI or STD. To be mindful of what they are doing.
Physiologically men and women as they age their bodies change. For men it may mean not being able to rise to the occasion. Men who are unable to achieve or maintain an erection may have erectile dysfunction (ED). Sometimes there is blockage in the blood vessles.4” In “1998 the FDA approved the little blue pill, Viagra4” came onto the scene. Changing the game and how it was played for elderly men and men with ED. Before Viagra came onto the scene men had to sulk away to the shadows of their relationships. Women were quiet about what was going on behind closed doors in silence.
Women also have changes happening under their be...

... middle of paper ... my wife. These elderly people maybe alone for the first time in their adult lives. They are looking for attention and comfort.
In society it may cause some elderly people discomfort to go to the doctor and ask about being sexual if they are having issues. If they are having difficultly with that going into a convince store or large retailor would be even worse. Look at 3 of the golden girls shopping for condoms. “They are placed on to display when trying to purchase them after they need a price check on the intercom.7” This is a stigma that must be placed aside.
With rising STI and STDs it is something that elderly peoples children, grandchildren, doctors, home aids, and retirement homes needs to be addressing. One thing that elderly people should worry about is contracting something that may affect their final times here on earth how ever long that maybe.

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