The Problem Of Antisocial Personality Disorder Essay

The Problem Of Antisocial Personality Disorder Essay

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U.S Needs Psychos
Most people today see the word ‘psychopath’ and automatically think of limbs in freezers, and masked murderers with chainsaws. Surprisingly, most of the psychopathic community is more of a help to modern society than a detriment. According to multiple sources, psychopaths make up one to five percent of the united states population, depending on what psychopaths are considered (Wynne, Parry). It also depends on whom to consider a psychopath. Most of the psychopathic community are not actually criminals, but are typically CEOs, politicians, and heads of corporations. There is not exactly a cure for antisocial personality disorder, there is only treatment that can be given at a young age if the person is even considered to have antisocial personality disorder. which brings up the question; what is antisocial personality disorder, how does it relate to psychopathy, and why is it so hard to diagnose?
Antisocial personality disorder, or ASPD, is a mental disorder that makes the person who has it mentally dysfunctional and destructive to society (Mayo Clinic Staff). “People with antisocial personality disorder typically have no regard for right and wrong and often disregard the rights, wishes and feelings of others.” (Mayo Clinic Staff). This means that people with this disorder have grown up in harsh environments where they were unable to learn or develop social skills; or they have a genetic disorder (Mayo Clinic Staff). Both causes will be explained later. This disorder also makes it difficult for the person who has it to function in school and, as stated in the name, function in society.
This disorder is seemingly easy to spot when the signs and symptoms are read over. These signs and symptoms include: a disregard...

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... that the world would be better without them. And on the topic of getting rid of psychopaths, can it happen, and would it be feasible?
According to the Mayo Clinic Staff, people with ASPD are hard to treat because the psychopaths themselves do not believe there is a problem with what they do or think. This means they very rarely seek out therapy, even though they might experience depression and other mental disorders (Robert Hercz). The British Psychological Society & The Royal College of Psychiatrist state that the way to possibly prevent ASPD from progressing in people is to intervene early on in childhood. Some psychopaths develop the disorder early on in life which is why psychiatrists want to target the person early on. If a person is not treated early on, the chances of stopping the disorder from progressing go down substantially and can be close to impossible.

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