Essay The Problem Of Adolescent Adolescents

Essay The Problem Of Adolescent Adolescents

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While most people would agree that the situations adolescents have to deal with now are much more stressful and tempting than they have been in the past, not everyone knows how to deal with it. The stresses of families, friends, relationships, work, school, and extra-curricular activities leaves students with hardly any time to just relax and simply be a teenager. From all of the stress and lack of sleep, students’ emotional, spiritual, and physical health have begun to slowly deteriorate. While it is not always easy to minister to them, it is that much more important to reach out to the students who are hurting. They are crying out for help and love and attention but if it is not received, then the students are very likely to shut down emotionally from any adult advice or attention.
In their book, When Kids Hurt, Chap Clark and Steve Rabey wanted to provide a source for adults to utilize which explained part of the reason why adolescents are so different in modern day than just a decade ago. They also provided insight into the adolescent mind and what they think or feel about their life. Along with that, Clark and Rabey provided quite a bit of advice on how to best reach out to the adolescents without over stepping boundaries while also being most affective in their caring efforts. In the first part of the book, the authors introduced how adolescents, their environments, and sought out methods of comfort has changed in just the past two or three decades. A large majority of the reason why adolescents are at a new low compared to previous generations is largely because they feel abandoned. As stated in the book on page 22, “As adults waged a fight for their own emotional and relational survival, children got the time and attentio...

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...o be confronted and properly dealt with.
Although adolescents might act like they do not care what adults think about them, the truth could not be anymore different. Adolescents need adults who care and want to invest in their lives. The book When Kids Hurt put into perspective the great need for caring, properly trained adults. Adolescents already feel neglected. If there are not adults to change this viewpoint as soon as possible, then the adolescents will turn the worst possible outlets and emotional outcomes. When adults intentionally and positively intervene in adolescents’ lives, they feel cared about and are less likely to become depressed or seek out sex or parties for comfort. The book showed the harsh reality of what happens to students who feel neglected, but also the hope that is sparked when there are adults who change the students’ lives for the better.

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