The Problem Of Aboriginal Children Essay

The Problem Of Aboriginal Children Essay

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People often tend to think that others are in the awful situations that they are in due to
their own fault and poor choices. There is so much judgement in our daily lives, for example
when it comes to seeing a homeless person, a common misconception is that they deserve the
situation they are in. “Poverty is such a personal experience that only the poor can understand it”
(Misturelli, F. and Hefferman, C., 2008). I wrote this paper in a way that challenges you to put
yourself in the shoes of the Aboriginal children and families who are experiencing these root
causes of neglect first hand. To imagine yourself within these unfortunate situations as that is the
best way I can think of to better understand many of their realities without judgement and
without actually experiencing them for ourselves.
The primary reason that Aboriginal children are overrepresented in out of home care is
neglect. Neglect that is present within the family structure can stem from many economic root
causes. To understand economic root causes in poverty, I want you to imagine the reality that
you are constantly under pressure to make ends meet when you barely have for the last four
years. You surpassed stressed out long ago because you have to come up with rent money for the
next month knowing that if you don’t pay the hydro your heat will be cut off in the middle of
winter where it’s 40 below outside and your walls are paper thin, but you don’t have enough
money for both rent and hydro. You have been struggling to feed your family a meal because
you don’t have any money left for food but they haven’t eaten anything in two days. You make
sure that you triple-checked all of the windows and doors at night, every night because you know
that not all of them loc...

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... life, philosophies, knowledge learned from parents, experiences in ceremonies and learning
teachings from elders and knowledge-keepers ( Yukselir M., and Annett E., 2016).
Conclusively, through the perspective of a CAS risk factor analysis, it can be easy to
assign a high risk score with so many economic and social issues prevalent at the base for root
causes of neglect. When you see any or a combination of; poor housing, poverty, intimate partner
violence and/ or substance abuse present, alongside with a preconceived notion that abuse or
neglect typically exists or is more common within the Aboriginal family structure, it can be
much easier to assign a high risk rating for those children that you are evaluating. Even though
that high risk rating may be to no fault of the parents but the social and economic structures in
place, their children can still be taken away.

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