The Problem Of A Young Kid Essay

The Problem Of A Young Kid Essay

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As a young kid you never like to be told what to do. You think you’re big enough too things on your own and are ready to move out at any time. But we all know our parents care way too much to just let us move out. When our parents tell us no or hold us back from something it makes us angry and want to rebel against them. This is not the only thing that makes you want to rebel against them, we do it for acceptance, attention, and for freedom. All these things make children want to do the opposite of what you say.
At a younger age, you want everyone to like you. You want to be accepted by all. This can cause problems between you and your parents. The image that your parents have for you might not be the same as what you have for yourself. When this happens your parent are going to try to tell you who you can and can’t hang out with. As a child you’re not going to like this, causing you to rebel. Doing this gives yourself the chance to become who you really want to be. But when you do this you might not even become the person you should be. Meaning that when you’re rebelling you’re going to start hanging out with the wrong crowd and getting in trouble. You’re going to see more kids start to smoke and drink, drive too fast because they think it is cool. Being at a young age you aren’t going to realize what you’re doing but your parents can see what’s happening. When they try to redirect you it is going to cause more problems, making the situation worse causing you to push father away from your parents.
Not every child is going to rebel because of acceptance, most do it for attention. This happens when a child doesn’t feel like they get enough attention from their parents. Sometimes the parents aren’t meaning to neglect the child bu...

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...want you don’t feel like you are in control so much because you aren’t going against anyone’s word. This is going to cause you to want attention now making you start to act out.
Almost everyone thinks about or goes through one of these stages of rebellion. This is natural because sometime in your life you are going to feel like you need to do something different to fit in or you’re not going to get enough attention causing you to rebel. When you start to think about just ask your self do I really need to do this to get what I want or do I even really want this? If you have to try to fit in, then you’re probably hang out with the wrong people. You act yourself and the right crowd will find you. For anyone that wants to rebel just remember that it’s in your best interest not to. It only causes more problems and you should think about if that is really what you want.

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