The Problem Of A Healthcare Organization Essay

The Problem Of A Healthcare Organization Essay

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By now most all Americans have heard of the terms non-profit, for-profit and government hospitals when referring to a healthcare organization. However, not many of us understand the difference between the three nor do we know if the hospital we are using is a nonprofit, for-profit or government-owned entity. Lines are blurred when it comes to the services they provide, if they are different are alike, and if profitability affects the level of care or specialization. Moreover, complexities arise when thinking in terms of which design is best. Questions such as which entity is more profitable, which provides the best services and which suggests the best sustainability over time, are often at the forefront of our minds when receiving medical care. In addition legalities of each are different thus they may appear to be the same in terms of what they do but they operate under different set of rules.
To date there are a total of 5,267 registered hospitals in the United States, these are compiled of non-profit, for-profit, state and local government hospitals, federal government hospitals, nonfederal psychiatric hospitals, nonfederal long term care hospitals and hospitals in Institutions such as prison hospitals, college infirmaries and such. Non-profit hospitals account for 2,870 hospitals, for-profits account for 1,053 hospitals, and state, local and federal government accounts for 1,216 hospitals currently registered in the U.S. Non-profit hospitals are by far represents the largest percentage of the hospitals used in the U.S., however are they truly the best design. The purpose of this paper is to provide and in-depth analysis of each organization, their advantages and disadvantages, how they are profitable and how they compare to ...

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...unconventional methods they use as opposed to evidence base treatment and the efficacy thereof. According to author R. Mayhew a writer for the Chron website;
Potential backlash and social fracas plague some nonprofit organizations whose missions are considered extreme, whether they are based on fundamentalist beliefs or progressive attitudes. For example, religious-focused nonprofits whose actions incite emotional response to the privacy of fallen soldiers and their families receive social pressure to cease activities. Progressive organizations whose goal is enlighten communities and expand the concept of diversity through redefining family structure also encounter protests and opposition to their causes and philosophy (Chron, 2016).
Now that we have covered the advantages and disadvantages of nonprofit hospitals we began to identify and define For-Profit Hospitals.

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