Essay on The Problem Of A Clean Water Supply

Essay on The Problem Of A Clean Water Supply

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This report has been written because there are many areas in the world were people cannot get water
,Howard, Mathias and Xin (2010) estimates that about 30 percent of the total world land area comprises
of inhabited arid and semi –arid areas, in these arid areas the main impediment to social and
economical development is the shortage of water, water is the most important liquid for the human
body , many of us believe drinking liquids like fruit juice , tea , or fizzy drinks will keep the body hydrated
as well as water the truth is that these drinks copious amounts of salt and sugar that are absorbed and
flushed out of our system with the help of water, the objective of this report is to talk about the one of
the arid regions and some water techniques and their cost

Background information
Africa faces big challenges with many issues that adversely affect the public health. one of the major
challenges is the ability for both urban and rural Africans to access a clean water supply. The town of
Birao with over 10,000 residents is sufferings from its remote location in the north of the central African
republic and receives little aid Birao over a thousand kilometers from Bangui it is hard to reach by road
and almost completely cut off in the rainy seasons and they use ground water as their main supply the
ground water in not clean and usually there is not enough water for all of the residents there are also
serious concerns about the quality of this water and according to a recent study 2 of 8 Africans do not
have access to water some of them walk long distances about 2 to 3 kilometers or more just to get
water. 1.8 million people die every year from drinking dirty water including 20% of children und...

... middle of paper ...

need it, a safe water project near a village restores hours each day to a persons life this time is an
opportunity to go to school and get an education to work or to start a business , Africa alone could save
40 billion hours each year that is the entire annual workforce in France , clean water means less that is
less money spent on medicine which means more money for books and uniforms and if the water
project is built near a school it can increase attendance , the water crisis is vast but we can solve it
This report has given sufficient amounts of information about sub-Saharan Africa and its water crisis
and evaluated the feasibility of two water techniques that could be used to provide fresh water to arid
regions , which include desalination and harvesting of ground water in the wake of increasing demand
for freshwater

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