Problem Gambling Service Coordination Demonstration Project Report Essay

Problem Gambling Service Coordination Demonstration Project Report Essay

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Problem Gambling Service Coordination Demonstration Project Report

25 June 2010


Project Background 3
Project Methodology and Outcomes 4
Project Deliverables 5
Project Report: Integrating Service Coordination & Problem Gambling Treatment 7
Recommended Actions 8
Appendices 9

Project Background
The project is an initiative of the Victorian Government’s Taking Action on Problem Gambling Strategy (2006 – 2011) developed to enhance problem gambling treatment and the responsiveness of the problem gambling service system.

A key activity of this strategy is strengthening service delivery partnerships and service integration between Gamblers Help Services and Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) and their member agencies.

The Victorian Service Coordination Practice Manual 2007 developed by Primary Care Partnerships is a statewide protocol for Service Coordination. It is:
• An agreed minimal standard across the State for how agencies work together to improve consumer care;
• An improved approach that enables organizations to be fully engaged in the principles behind Service Coordination;
• An agreed statewide platform; and
• It outlines common concepts and language to ensure improved Service Coordination across sectors. (Victorian Service Coordination Manual 2007)

According to the Department of Justice (DoJ) Problem Gambling Operational Guidelines 2008-2009 to 2010-11 ‘the multiplicity of presenting issues by problem gamblers and the public health framework within which problem gambling services sit, integration and coordination with many of the agencies involved in the PCP is considered an essential requirement in the delivery of Gambler’s Help services (Pro...

... middle of paper ...

...rrals and increase access for people aged over 55 years.

2. GHW electronic service directories information is updated: Connecting Care, InfoXchange and Better Health Channel.

3. HealthWest Primary Care Partnership continues its support of GHW implementation of Service Coordination and Continuous Improvement Activities.

4. GHW build on its current work and sponsor the development of an externally facilitated ex post action research project that validates / measures improvement in Service Coordination for:

a. Clients;

b. Referrers; and

c. Clinicians.


Appendix 1 Project Work Plan

Appendix 2 Issues Paper

Appendix 3 Intake Survey

Appendix 4 Semi Structure Interview Questionnaire

Appendix 5 Referral and Entry Pathway GHW June 2010

Appendix 6 Comparative Summary GHW Intake & Service Coordination March 2010

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