Probation Is A Sentencing Option Of Judges Essay

Probation Is A Sentencing Option Of Judges Essay

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Probation is a sentencing option of judges, which is also called suspended sentence, for juveniles and adults can be used as a sentence for both minor and serious crimes (Fagin, 259). In other words, it is the conditional release of a convicted offender prior to his or her serving any prison time, or in lieu of jail time (Fagin, 259). Most of the criminals that are given a probationary release are usually those who are convicted of misdemeanors or violations and are less risk to the community.
However, according to a report compiled by the Pew Center for the States, parole violators accounted for over a third of all prison admissions in 2005 and "half the US jail population is the consequence of failure of community supervision"(Walshe, 2012). Each year, more offenders are sentenced to probation than to any other sanction in the criminal justice system (CICG). The reasons for the increasing use of probation are clear enough: probation can be provided at more than five times less cost than jail and nearly 19 times less cost than state prison (CICG). In a research that the California...

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