Probation, Drawn and Quartered…Anything Else Essay

Probation, Drawn and Quartered…Anything Else Essay

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As Prince of Verona it is my duty to announce to the people of Verona, the punishments and pardons of each of the persons responsible in some way for the death of the Montague Romeo and the Capulet Juliet. Friar Lawrence, will be punished, however under the circumstances, not severely. The Nurse shall be pardoned for her limited involvement. Balthasar, Romeo’s servant, shall be pardoned for his actions. Capulet, is guilty, and shall be punished accordingly, as well as Montague. Although all those mentioned afore have some association with deaths of these two lovers and Paris, for some it was not their involvement but rather a conspiring of events, or rather a twist of fate that led them to be associated with the three. I must, before the declaration of penalties, give my condolences to both Capulet, for losing such and beautiful daughter, a charming young woman in her own right, as well as an acceptable suitor, and to Montague for the loss of a much beloved son, a handsome and charismatic fellow. Their grief will not be forgotten however I cannot pardon upon the bias of grief, I must mete out justice when it is necessary.
Friar Lawrence, although a holy man, is not devoid of guilt, but rather is bursting with it, however due to confessions given to me at the scene of the deaths Friar Lawrence’s penalty shall not be as hefty as it might have been. The Friar, by no action of mine, admitted to what he had done, urging the lovers, even against the will of their parents. Marrying them in secret, so as to not have the sin of what they could do fall upon his shoulders. Then concocting a plan to steal Juliet away so that she would not be married to Paris, and bamboozling everyone into thinking she was dead. The death of Juliet caused...

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...not whole and no death rites will be given to them, their souls shall not rise to heaven but rather forever be trapped in their dead and decaying bodies, nearest to their worst enemy.
So in closing, Friar Lawrence shall be punished, Juliet’s Nurse shall be pardoned, Balthasar shall be pardoned, Capulet shall be punished, and Montague shall be punished. Those that had to most involvement with the deaths of Romeo, Juliet, and Paris shall be punished according to the severity of their crimes. Friar Lawrence shall be subjected to a probationary period totally two years and two days. Capulet shall be drawn and quartered. Montague shall be drawn and quartered. And the parts of both Capulet and Montague shall be spread across the streets of Verona in pairs so as to remind all families in the city the penalty for the types of actions taken by both Capulet and Montague.

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