Proactive Steps to Remain Debt Free Essay

Proactive Steps to Remain Debt Free Essay

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ARTICLE TITLE: Proactive steps to remain Debt Free
ARTICLE BODY: For everyday purchases it is better to use cash and do not take any debt. Although it is accepted for long term purchases like auto and home. Try to save more from your earnings or try spending less. It simply means enjoy less say 40% and save more that is 60%.
Prepare a monthly report of your debts. Calculate all the interest, balances and payments. Add and subtract all in a spreadsheet to summarize and get the grand total. Update it and get motivated every month by paying off your debt.
Try to avail the benefit of only one loan within 1/4th of your income and prefer to have and use only one credit card with very less amount to spend.
First try to generate an emergency fund and remember to utilize extra funds for paying off your debts.
Pay minimal amounts for everything and try paying off the smallest debt and then move to the next one. It is also known as snowball debt. Try to gain knowledge from your debt counselor of the latest updates and recent changes to avoid bankruptcy or a situation alike.
Some of the c...

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