Proactive Solution To Community Issues Essay

Proactive Solution To Community Issues Essay

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Due to the increasing interest and expansion in growth, development and societal issues, there has been a greater promotion by local and non-government organizations to deliver more proactive solutions to community issues (Matarrita-Cascante & Brennan, 2012). This can prove extremely difficult, as communities around the world can be described and viewed by individuals and groups from multifaceted perspectives and ideologies (Matarrita-Cascante & Brennan, 2012). An example of the difficulty of obtaining a universal definition can also be noticed, in community development and social work literature. It is difficult to find a thorough or universal description of these two professions, as they both encompass a wide range of practical and theoretical characterizations (Matarrita-Cascante & Brennan, 2012). Some community development literature argues that community development is a standalone profession which has little connection to social work practice (Bhattacharyya, 2004). In this essay I will endeavour to define community development and social work practice, while briefly discussing the influence of political perspectives. Finally, I will explore the common associated links and distinct relationships between the two professions particularly concerning social justice and human rights.
According to Aimers (2011) community development is defined as “a participatory process of collective action to identify and address community needs that promote social justice, self-determination and may also exert influence on decision makers” (Aimers & Walker, 2011, p.39). Whereas, human ecology and system theory ideologies view communities as a system, group or structures that is comprised of interrelated parts, which all work together ...

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