Essay on Pro Slavery And Anti Slavery

Essay on Pro Slavery And Anti Slavery

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Pro-slavery and anti-slavery were groups of advocates who both had a different perspective about slavery. The group of people that believed in slavery were mainly from the South and they were usually businessmen, traders, farmers, and slave traders. They argued that slavery was right; slavery caused a growth in the nation’s economy, it was accepted in the bible, and the slaves were better taken care of in the hands of a master. On the other hand, the Northerners thought otherwise. On their behalf, they argued that the slaves were treated poorly by their masters, it was a sin to be involved in slavery, and the Africans were unhappy because they were forced to move from their homeland. The pro-slavery authors of the articles gave support to their argument by saying that the law did not lead the people the right way to grow a nation or the economy. The testimonies of the immigrants and the slave owner helped support the pro-slavery authors’ arguments.
The two pro-slavery articles gave support to the idea that slavery was right and it benefited the economy. They backed up their argument by mentioning that the North paid the immigrants less money to grow their industries; they also gave them shelters that were in horrible condition. They believed that the way immigrants were treated was worse than slavery. The article “The Charleston Courier” by a Carolinian pointed out that when a Northerner buys indentured servants, they were not considered guilty of the same crime when a Southerner buys slaves. He also stated that a Northerner gave immigrants low incomes for their hard work although they knew that it was insufficient for their family. The bottom line of the author 's argument was that he believed the South’s labor system was a “re...

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...d that most slaves in the South were happy and treated well by their masters. He also believed that moral values were taught to the slaves in an attempt to keep the slaves grateful and happy. The other two testimonies were from the Northern immigrants who had a bad experience in the labor system. The two immigrants that moved to New York for labor were treated poorly by their employers. They moved to America because they heard there was a boom in the industries. They were paid less for their hard work and the industries did not care if it was not enough. The immigrants were not fed properly and they lived in homes that were in bad condition. As a result, the immigrants were disappointed because of the false accusation. All these testimonies supported the arguments of the pro-slavery authors. The authors were right about the immigrants treated horribly in the North.

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