Pro Rights Protecting And Bettering Prisoners Overall Health Essay

Pro Rights Protecting And Bettering Prisoners Overall Health Essay

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Pro more rights protecting and bettering prisoners overall health
It is within legal, ethical, social, and public health reasons why prisoners should be supplied with better health care and improve on those established rights. In the case of Gray v. County of Riverside, California State law conquers with the above statement. In this state, the law is obligated to appoint a grand jury to evaluate county jails every year. As for the 2012 Riverside county jail report, the jury had advised that the medical/mental health staffing levels needed to be raised up to state law standard. So it is no surprise that on May 8th, 2013, three prisoners in the jail filed a lawsuit against the county of riverside. Their claim stated physical and mental health care was substandard, thus violating the eighth amendment (of cruel and unusual punishment) and a prisoners 14th amendment rights. Specifically, these prisoners where subject to delayed and sometimes denied care, deficient medication management and administration, lack of staff, violated of confidentiality rights, inadequate quality assurance for care and withholding records. The plaintiffs also claimed that some prisoners were told that doctors would only see patients with court orders, but sometimes sheriff deputies would deny them forms. This is an example of how difficult it could be for a prisoner to express any of the minimal rights he/she is given even after they have been stripped of all that make them human. It is within a prisoners rights in the state of California to have their medical needs modified to better protect their well being. Even though this is an ethical argument people continue to fight back with how much it will cost a citizen in tax dollars to care for someone who has...

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...ltitude of factors such as population, culture, length of their stay, and so on.
Studies indicate that Treatment has shown Reductions in rearrests for inmates ranging from 5 percent to 25 percent compared to untreated inmates. Inmates show positive results that correlate with the in-jail treatments showing less rates of relapse, fewer levels of depression, and fewer disciplinary action taken. Not only do these inmates receive adequate rehabilitation if they were better ran but if they were also better funded, it would save taxpayers more money. According to the Center for Substance Abuse research, “Cost savings associated with jail treatment programs have been reported from $156,000 to $1.4 million per year”. Based off the evidence it makes sense from a legal, ethical, social, and public health point of view to provide more adequate health care to prisoners.

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