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Pro Medical Marijuana Essay

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Medical marijuana is a natural medicine of great value which is in danger of being banned from
medical use in the United States. For years its medical use has been argued against to some effect, but
there are facts which would be irresponsible to dismiss before any judgments’ are passed on the
subject. Many people might wonder when marijuana became a popular idea for medicinal purposes. To
be blunt so to speak: it is one of the world’s oldest and widespread natural medicines. The Chinese were
among the first to use its positive healing effects as long ago as “2727 BCE” as per the “Brainz”
organization website. This information has been verified by archeological evidence and historical
references also found in the Jewish Talmud and in Scythian royal tombs. Besides its history of being
widely accepted as a medicine it has also been scientifically proven to be virtually harmless when used
properly. According to Doctor Donald Tashkin of the University of California “even heavy and long-term
smoking of cannabis is not associated with lung cancer and other types of upper aerodigestive tract
cancers.” Since the beginning of recorded history there has not been a single case of marijuana
overdose or death directly associated with the smoking or ingesting thereof.

According to the drug war facts organization there are an estimated 435,000 deaths annually as a direct result from smoking cigarettes, the number one killer in the United States. Compared to not even one death in history due to marijuana or marijuana related cancer, it seems ridiculous in mathematical terms that the government legalizes one and condemns the other. Basically the evidence above would summarily support the idea that marijuana is relativ...

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...nventional pain relieving treatments. Therefore medical marijuana should at least undergo serious human testing in America so that an effective medicine won’t be neglected before it has a chance to help the suffering. In conclusion medical marijuana has been proven by professionals to be virtually harmless and effective in the treatment of many serious and debilitating diseases, so much so that it would be ignorant to dismiss the possibilities before it has a chance to help thousands or millions of people.

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