Pro Life Side Of Abortion Essay

Pro Life Side Of Abortion Essay

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For many years people have always argued about abortion and the rights a woman has to her body regarding abortion. Like with any other argument there are two sides, there is a pro-life side (where there are people that are against abortion) and then there is a pro-choice sides (where people think abortion is an okay thing). The pro-life side of the argument would state that you are killing a life, there are alternatives, and abortion can cause medical complications later on in life. The side that is pro-choice would argue that abortion is a safe medical procedure, a woman needs to have ability to control her body, and there are reasons why they should not carry out with the pregnancy.
The side of this argument that is pro-life would state that you are killing a human. People would state that it is human life at the beginning of conception, therefor causing the fetus to be a living thing. By law in no civilized society allows one human to knowingly harm or take a life without punishment. If the law states that you cannot take or harm a life then why should abortion be ok? People that are pro-life would argue that when you are getting an abortion you are killing a human bean that has no choice in the matter (Issues-Abortion, 2013).
Another argument that a pro-life would argue that there are other alternatives for you. There are many alternatives for people that are pregnant and do not want a child. One of the biggest alternatives that someone in that situation would be adoption. There are two common types of adoption, an open and a closed adoption. An open adoption is where the woman that is pregnant can choose the family that her baby is going to go to. When the woman then has her baby she will still be a part of the child’s li...

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...y not like. When something interferes with the pregnancy of a woman they should be able to follow through with an abortion (Edwards, 2015).
There has and will always be an argument about abortion and if abortion should be legal or not. With abortion the side that is against abortion (known as pro-life) would state that having an abortion is killing a human, there are alternatives that are better for the woman, and that following through with an abortion will later cause medical problems for the woman. The other side of the argument that is for abortion (known as pro-choice) would state that there is no medical problems with having an abortion, women should be able to keep the rights to their body even if that means aborting a fertile egg, and there are many reasons why a woman should not follow through with the pregnancy that they cannot follow through with.

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