Essay on The Pro Life Argument Against Abortion

Essay on The Pro Life Argument Against Abortion

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Abortion is defined as the termination of a pregnancy after, accompanied by, resulting in, or closely followed by the death of the embryo or fetus ( Legal or not women have been using abortion to control their reproduction at every point in history and in every known society. Abortion was practiced in the U.S. until around the late 1800s when at that time most states had forbid it, only making exceptions if it was to save the life of a woman/mother. After abortion became illegal, the capability of women to get one came with restrictions. First and foremost getting an abortion that was safe was difficult and to go along with that a woman 's ability depended on her race, financial stability and where she lived. Wealthy women often left the country or found a physician to perform the procedure at a high cost. Poor women on the other hand had to deal with incompetent doctors with very questionable practices.
One of the main ideas in the pro-life argument against abortion is that a fetus is considered a person upon conception. This is undoubtedly the most debated aspect of abortion, and the foundation for most cases against it. In her article ‘A Defense of Abortion’ Thomson defends the fact that abortion in some cases is morally permissible, even if the premise that fetuses are considered persons from the moment of conception is accepted.
The most common argument against abortion is that every person has a right to life. A fetus is a person and therefore has the right to life. Thomson argues this with various thought experiments; “the violinist,” “the expanding child” and “people seeds.” She uses these thought experiments to argue that a pregnant woman’s right to bodily autonomy and life-support functions override...

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...ithin the opponent’s own premises. Thomson would agree that if a woman is facing death upon birth of her child, she most definitely has the right to have an abortion based on her own right to life. She also does not have to carry the fetus if it is a dependent relationship based on her right to have control of her own body. The mother has the right to abort the fetus out of self-defense if she knows that there is a possibility that she will otherwise be killed during childbirth. In her last paragraph of the introduction she references pro-life advocates who do not believe abortion is justified even to save the mother’s life. Before writing this paper I was pro-life but now I believe that abortions in certain cases are morally justified, so I don’t think you can describe your point of view with a label because everyone’s interpretation of it is going to be different.

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