Essay on Pro Democracy Movement : Myanmar 's Political System

Essay on Pro Democracy Movement : Myanmar 's Political System

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Before 2010, Myanmar’s political system was completely military driven. But in 2010 and 2011, there was pro-democracy movement against the military dominant socialist government led by General Ne Win. When this happened, political power started to drift away from a military run country. During the November 2010 elections there was an obvious sway towards a democratic government emerging as the winner. Many surveys were conducted that backed the Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP). Shaw was a major contributor to making sure that the power in the government was not concentrated in one person or agency. This concept from Shaw helped form the four power centers in the new government. The first center is the President, second is the parliament, third is USDP, and lastly is the armed forces.
After the formation of this new government with Thein Sein as president, few of the citizens were optimistic that genuine and fast reforms would occur in the country. The citizens had spent so many years of suffering through military dominance that they had both supporters and non-believers for this new political power of democracy. In the first 100 days of the new government political activists expressed their disappointment with the government’s performance. Although they have expressed some opposition, developments that have taken place since July 2011 have taken many people by surprise. Since this date, the government has tried to implement many different positive changes for Myanmar. In mid-July the government met with community and business leaders to respectfully request that they work with the government instead of against them. From the outside looking in, you would think that the meetings would go very negatively, but it was sa...

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...o analyze the effectiveness and positioning of the government, the constitution has to be a huge factor that reflects the government in some way. In order to not form reforms against the government in future comings the government needs to make sure that it is working with its backbone: the military. Conflicts internally with the military and the government can cause instability which is very transparent to the people of the country. This correlates with your citizens trusting the moves that you make. Another big part of the effectiveness is the civil society participation in governance of the country. This would include factors such as media, information sharing, and political organizations. Information sharing is an important component of democratic governance and is critical to ensure transparency, accountability and effective public participation in government.

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