Essay on The Pro Choice Movement And The Rights Of Women

Essay on The Pro Choice Movement And The Rights Of Women

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Women for centuries have conformed themselves to the viewpoints and stereotypical outlooks society has on them. Their subservient nature to the male species has been detrimental to both their health as well as their independent rights. An ongoing issue women have been facing is the right to a safe and legal abortion. There is an underlining issue when a woman cannot choose what is best for herself as a human being when faced with such a difficult decision to undergo such a traumatic procedure. The pro-choice movement pushes for the legal rights of women to decide their fate, to prevent any further risks of undergoing illegal abortions, and their reproductive freedom.
For most women the opportunity to have a legal abortion provides them with a sense of control in their future. Eighteen year old Zoe Gillard was eighteen weeks along when she discovered that she was pregnant. Within those four months her and her boyfriend had split up due to him going to a university. Although she had the support of her family, friends and ex- boyfriend she was afraid of the thought of having a child at such a young age before her life even began. The moment she found out that she was pregnant she had already made the decision to go through with an abortion. By the time that she had the abortion she was already twenty -one week’s along. “I wouldn 't say that I ever felt relieved, because, although I had only known for three weeks that I was pregnant, my body had known for four and a half months,” Gillard said. “I felt physically empty in a way that I have never felt since.” The decision to not have the child full term was made solely by Zoe. She understood the difficulties of raising a child and the life that she would have had to give up due to one ...

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...cide their fate, to prevent any further risks of undergoing illegal abortions, and their reproductive freedom. Zoe, being as young as she was, was not ready to have children and as an individual she should have the right to decide that whether her family and friends supported it or not, and in some cases women are not given the choice to have a legal abortion. Rachel’s choice was supported legally in a safe environment and keeping abortions legal will ensure the safety of women who are in desperate need of a fix to their circumstances even when an unwanted pregnancy comes to a couple with children. Cath and her husband agreed to terminate her fifth pregnancy after they realized that they could not financially support another child and if an individual believes that they could not raise a child in a financially stable environment than that decision is theirs to make.

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