Privilege Is A Part Of Peoples Lives Essay

Privilege Is A Part Of Peoples Lives Essay

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Privilege is a part of peoples lives. Knowingly or not it plays an important role in our lives and society. Privilege is defined as a special benefit or advantage that is exclusively reserved for a particular person or group. There is also inter sectional privilege, the concept of different types of privileges or lack thereof that one encounters whether it positively or negatively impacts them. During my life there has been one overwhelming privilege. That privilege is being born in America. Americans are reserved rights most people in the world do not have, or are not explicitly told. Inside America there are many aspects of life that give us these privileges, whether it be more advanced and protected jobs all the way to world class education and skills training. More importantly it is our defined rights, The Constitution that is the most vital institution that rewards Americans for being American. Everything stated in the Constitution is a right, that all humans are born with but it is a privilege to have these rights acknowledge and always in the minds of those whom govern us. The Bill of Rights, The first ten amendments to the United States Constitution are some of the most important if not the most important amendments. They grant Americans a range of rights from free speech, to protections of illegal searches, to citizens having the right to posses firearms. Most countries constitutions do not have these rights or at least they are not clearly defined. Within the United States Constitution there are many privileges within itself. Most distinct is the America 's first amendment.
One of the most important rights of Americans is our First amendment right, free speech, free press, freedom of and from religion, as well as the fr...

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...erse. This was wrong on many levels. I really was good friends with him, we were both on the track team, were in a lot of classes, shared the same humor. The thought that he was just my firend because he was black was insulting. For my friend it was just unfair to him as it was to me. It treats my friend as if it was not normal and that if it was an actual friendship it would be confusing because we are separate races, but in reality we were both friends because of our common interests. On the other side of the same coin my friend and I had the right to speak up a right that just negatively impacted us has just turned to our side. We confronted them, just verbally, and we told them the problem of their prejudice. We explained why we are friends and they respected that. Needless to say when they walked by us again they were more then happy to join our conversations.

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