Privatizing The Foster Care System Essay

Privatizing The Foster Care System Essay

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Garrett Therolf said “Children in foster homes overseen by private agencies are one-third more likely to be physically, mentally, or sexually abused than children in homes overseen by the state” (qtd. in White). The debate on whether or not to privatize the foster care system is ongoing and is an excellent source for debate. While privatizing the foster care system does seem to have its advantages, such as the convenience, they are heavily outweighed by the many negative aspects of a privatized system. Privatizing the foster care system is an overall negative idea due to the fact that it turns desperate children into business pawns putting them at higher risk for many kinds of abuse. Privatization increases abuse and neglect among helpless children for the sake of convenience in the foster care system. In addition, the privatization, when put into practice, has failed leaving states at a loss for money. These reasons add up to support why to avoid privatization and why the foster care system should remain on a government operated basis.
To begin, the largest and most easily found argument made in support of privatizing the Foster Care System is that of convenience. Factors supporting this privatization include: private agencies providing prompter responses, faster completion of home studies leading to faster placement of children into homes, and private agencies typically work with children classified as easier to place (“Differences Public Private”). While these points sound like valid reasons to support privatization, in reality they provide more support against it. Private agencies may provide prompter return of calls to clients, which is mainly due to the smaller outreach of these agencies compared to state agencies. The small...

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...n is not the simple solution to the foster care system that many people seem to hope that it is and Nebraska serves as a cautionary tale to other states warning them against rushing into the idea of privatization. (“Privatization Child Welfare”; O’Hanlon).
Overall, the supposed benefits of privatizing the foster care system are misleading and are heavily outweighed by the many negatives leading to the conclusion that the foster care system should remain under the control of the government. Many example of abuse, neglect, and bankruptcy in privatize homes support the grounds that a government run system is for the best interest of the children as well as the state. Maintaining these state run systems will help to improve the lives and futures of the children in the foster care system by providing them with better care and better chances of finding permanent families.

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