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Private Youth System Project Plan Essay

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Private Youth System is a repository of information on health and social matters for youth. The youth will be able to access vital information from this system related to social and health matters, which affect them in their daily lives. The youth within this age group will be the only youth allowed to register with the system. These ages will be the only ones allowed to register with the system and have profiles. Each youth will be able to access his / her profile privately through the provision of a password for each profile. The youth will be able to get advice from social workers and other health professionals. The system will provide for a messaging component were each youth will be able to communicate with social workers and even health professionals privately.
The system shall have a database to store data such as text, audio, video and images. The system will allow users such as social workers, health professionals, community elders, NGOs and other community members to upload data which can be used to assist the youth on social and health matters.. The data kept in the system would be verified and validated by a system administrator, who will administer the system. The system will allow for data archiving.
The system will store data on youth, who will be using the system. This data will be captured in a database. The system will be accessible via the web and should also be accessible on mobile phones with web access capabilities.
Figure1. High level description of the PYS system

2. Project scope

This document will provide in depth the purpose of the system designed / developed to promote the PYS in the community of Katutura. It will enlighten the client and the reader on how their requirements are b...

... middle of paper ...

... our mitigation strategy for this risk, our project will be client oriented where the client is practically involved with the progress of the project.


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