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The Private Security Guard Business Essays

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Taiwan is considered to be one of the safer countries in Asia as Hebenton, Jou, & Chang (2010) have discussed that it is due to its heavy emphasis on education and law enforcement leading to lower levels of poverty and crime rates, although it is a sovereign state both the culture and the law can still reduce and enforce crime and violence similar to that of some democratic countries. However as Swaine (2004) mentions due to an increased frequency of cyber-attacks and white-collar crime over the years and with China just looming over the horizon, many wealthy business men in Taiwan have become more cautious by hiring more private security for both their companies and for themselves.
The goal of this paper is to describe the private security guard business in Taiwan, which includes some data about the country, the government, and the companies and their employees, how they interact with the public, how licensing and regulation are handled, and what traits and how much training is required to be qualified to work as a private security guard. Fortunately I have some connections in Taiwan, friends and family who can provide a more accurate image of private security in Taiwan in addition to the scholarly journals, articles, and company websites that will help answer my questions.

Private Security Guards in Taiwan
According to the statistics gathered by Chen (2016) from the National Police Agency of Taiwan, taking into account all of the different positions there are about 65,000 public police officers as of 2015-2016. However in comparison it is estimated that there are over 150,000 private security guards who own a license or at least work for a company that has one. Although not all security businesses are located s...

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...itself from the ideals of an authoritarian regime in order to promote a more democratic society. Also most of the laws pertaining to basic requirements and obtaining licenses are easier to qualify for likely due to cultural background and lower crime rates.

The purpose of this research was to observe the professional standards and regulations for private security guards in Taiwan. The findings showed that besides distributing licenses, limiting openings to adults without criminal records, and establishing the total amount of training time that it is up to the private security companies to handle the rest. Private security will continue to be a self-regulated industry in this country in light of increasing demands, while I do not expect that it will reach American levels of security it will be a safe haven for those who wish to travel to an Asian country.

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