Private Or Public : Making The Right Choice Essay

Private Or Public : Making The Right Choice Essay

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Private or Public: Making the Right Choice
Parents have to make many hard decisions considering their children’s future. One of those being where they go to school. There are many forms of education available today. From home schooling to charter schools, the form of education is practically limitless. However, two of the most common and accessible forms of education are public schools and private schools. Parents struggle to choose between public and private schools considering the many differences; the price, what is being taught, admission, ect. Despite the many differences, public education and private education all require a certain number of credits in core subjects (english, mathematics, and science) for a child to learn in order for them to graduate. The decision between the two options ,considering the differences and similarities, is dependent on what school the parents think provides the best education for their children.
Private education has been around since the beginning of the formation of the United States. In the colonial days, education was provided for children in small private schools. At the start, boys were taught core subjects of reading and mathematics while girls were taught the domestic arts. Private schools were first established by religious missionaries of the Roman Catholic Church in Florida and Louisiana. In order to teach latin and greek languages, more private schools were established by churches. One of the many private schools formed was Georgetown Preparatory School. This school was founded in 1789 by America’s first catholic bishop. Later in the 18th century, establishments known as academies began to develop and eventually the first group of public schools formed. Although pri...

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... two children that attend a public school in New York. She expresses that she cannot seem to shake the feeling of judgment she encounters every time she tells somebody where her children attend school. Wallace continues to argue that in today’s society the topic of deciding what school is a loaded one. Many people look at school attendance as a symbol of parent’s views, income, and values. With public and private school requiring the same core subjects and the tuition of private schools, judgement between the two can seem almost petty. The choice between public and private school all settles down to one thing, parents only want the best for their child. As long as the child is receiving a proper education and is happy in their environment, either choice of school is a great one (

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