Private Gun Ownership Should NOT be Banned Essay

Private Gun Ownership Should NOT be Banned Essay

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Would you choose to own a gun if your life depended on it? America has defended itself with guns since December 13, 1631 when the National Guard was born. We are a country that defends what we love. What do we defend ourselves with? Guns of course. Guns and America were discovered around the same time. Guns will forever be a part of America. Without guns the American Revolution would not have been won (Boehm). There have been some times in American history where guns have caused the loss of innocent Americans lives due to an unstable person, but there have also been multiple times where guns have defended each and every American’s freedom. Most people don’t think about a day-to-day basis and how guns can be beneficial to our lives. Private gun ownership should not be banned because guns provide protection, people are responsible for killing people, without guns, criminals will find other ways to kill, and it is our American right to own guns to protect ourselves. Without guns, people would be running crazy in the streets.
We all want to have that warm, fuzzy feeling of protection. Protection is now the top reason Americans own guns (Personal). Those who are against guns usually say there’s other ways to protect yourself such as calling 911 or the local police (Justice). Although that is true, it is an unrealistic way of protection. Police usually arrive after a crime is committed or when it is too late (Why). The first person to encounter a criminal with a gun is the victim and if the victim is armed, they can protect themselves on the spot and not have to hid or wait for the police to arrive. We call the police because they are armed with a firearm and can protect you. If used for protection, guns will save ...

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