Private Gun Ownership Does not Lead to Higher Rates of Gun Violence Essay

Private Gun Ownership Does not Lead to Higher Rates of Gun Violence Essay

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Gun ownership is a right of the American citizen. The second amendment of our country’s Declaration of Independence states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed (Chemerinsky, 2006).” When this was written in 1791, most people owned guns to, protect their homes and families, to hunt wildlife, and to use as self-defense. Today, this amendment still applies for those reasons. Citizens may own and possess weapons legally. Anyone can walk down a road holding his favorite shotgun if he wants to, and if he has the correct license, then he can conceal it, too. This is for the protection of the citizens. Just like any other country, crime happens in America, and there is no use in counting on an officer being there to help when crime happens. American citizens have to take things into their own hands sometimes, and an armed citizen is a lot safer than an unarmed one. Some people don’t think this amendment is still significant. Many journalists and reporters mislead people about gun facts and gun violence, thus, scaring the public from owning guns. It is important that our country’s second amendment does not get infringed upon for the major reasons of self-defense and for the safety of society as a whole.
The American public is very misinformed by the media about gun violence in serious crimes and deaths. Listening to the television and radio, one would be under the impression that gun violence is a major killer of Americans. It is true that in 1997, there were 15, 551 homicides caused by guns. However, according to Charley Reese, that number is low compared to the 88,000 people who died then from pneumonia and flu, the 91,00...

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