Private Education : A Common Area For The Citizens Of A Society? Privatized Or Public Education?

Private Education : A Common Area For The Citizens Of A Society? Privatized Or Public Education?

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Equity - it’s a concept in economics that is always up for debate, due to its normativity. The world is in a constant discussion over whether or not certain situations and scenarios are equal for this party and that party. What is not usually up for discussion, however, is efficiency. Most of the time we use mathematics to determine the level of efficiency of something, but for equity? It’s not so simple. A common area in socio-economic debate is education. What is fair for the citizens of a society? Privatized or public education? Public education allows for the most accessibility, whereas private education gives the opportunity for higher quality learning due to the extra resources available. In this piece, I will be going over some of the tradeoffs we make in each option, as well as why I think there is no single better choice between the two.

When we think of private education, we immediately think of wealthy kids and posh school uniforms, and tend to forget the significant benefits that private schools offer. With the extra cash available from tuition costs, private schools can spend more on teaching tools and resources to help students learn more efficiently. For example: a public school’s budget only allows it to have slow-performing 2005 computers for student use, where a private school can provide fast, new, laptops that can be carried by the student throughout the school day for educational purposes. Eveline Adomait summarizes it well — “When governments intervene in a market, (...) they mess with the perfection of the free market. Usually the government has the best intentions, but that doesn’t mean that what it does is right.” (142). Conversely, in a public school, there is a set amount of money given by the governme...

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...upport private post-secondary sometimes fail to see that there is a significant portion of the population that cannot afford the hefty costs of tuition, and must make sacrifices in many other aspects of their lives to have a chance at a secure future. Whether you are on one side or the other, it is important to respect the tradeoffs made by both.

Education in a first-world country is almost always an issue in terms of balance. A perfect solution is hard to reach without giving up many other resources, which seems to be a constant theme in the economic universe. What is important to remember is that the topic of private vs public education is a normative one, and that even if it seems that you are ‘right’, it is simply an opinion in a vast pool of others who agree or disagree.

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