Essay about Private Better than Public School

Essay about Private Better than Public School

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Private Better than Public School
There are many decisions for parents to choose private or public school for their kids. Every parent wants what is best for his or her child. A person's education is one of the most important aspects in determining whether or not they will become a productive member of society. Education is so important. We need to look at both public and private schools to find out if there is a difference. Private schools are a better choice than public school for many reasons. Private encourages strong quality teaching, encourages higher education learning, and inhibit the rampant of bullying.
I think private school are better and have more advantages than public school. There are upsides and downsides for both schools. Private schools have newer facilities and other materials. The benefits of private school for the students are that they have smaller class sizes and better teacher ratios from the students. Private have a high standards for discipline and respect to one another. Seventy two percent of parents agreed to send their kids to private school, because it has greatly improved students’performance and brighter experience and achievements in there harder lessons (Maga 2). Students will also have more individual attention. Students are motivated by the teachers to help in their studies. Parents would also have more opportunities to get involved with their kid’s education and that is very good thing. Private have flexible teaching methods for the students to do better. There are many advantages for the students (Elizabeth 1). Let’s talk about disadvantages. Their goal is to offer better education without making a profit (Amy Witherbee 2). Private school charge tuitions and that sound n...

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