Privacy Policies of Bank of American and UnitedHealth Group Essay

Privacy Policies of Bank of American and UnitedHealth Group Essay

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1. Introduction

As organizations become increasingly dependent on information technology in order remain viable they also raise their level of responsibility regarding the handling of customer information because of its adoption. Each industry requires customers to divulge information, the information that is shared between the customer and the organization varies. Each company manages the information that they collect uniquely and typically publish privacy policies that are accessible to customers so they may be aware of and understand how their information is shared and used. This paper will discuss the privacy polices of two organizations that operate in separate industries, these organizations being Bank of America and UnitedHealth Group. The policies of these two companies will be outlined and recommendation will be made that can enhance consumer protections. In addition, recommendations on the ability of organizations to increase the use of private information while avoiding privacy and liability issues will be outlined.
2. Company Overviews
2.1 Bank of America

Unfortunately, Bank of America’s website fails to provide a clear mission statement. What can be said about Bank of America is that it is considered to be one of the major financial institutions in the world and the largest in the United States of America (Bank of America, 2011). Being such a major player in the financial sector it is no surprise that Bank of America renders a slew of financial products and services to its enormous customer base. Financial institutions generally require customers to provide personal information in order to establish and maintain relationships, Bank of America being a financial institution is no different. The United States gov...

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...ease sensible information that is relevant to the employer while protecting the enrollee. This action ensures that enrollee information is protected and businesses can still access the information that necessary for them to operate.

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