Essay on Privacy Issues With Microsoft Windows 10

Essay on Privacy Issues With Microsoft Windows 10

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Privacy Issues with Microsoft Windows 10
Windows 10 is a computer operating system that was made and introduced by the Microsoft Corporation (McGrath & Price, 2016). Windows 10 is one of the Windows NT operating systems. The operating software was introduced to the globe on September 2014. The release of the software to the users later followed on July 2015. The Microsoft Corporation made sure that the software was released for free to the various users of candid copies of Windows 7 and 8.1.
Upon release, the software received global praise for the various embedded applications that were more efficient when compared to the old versions. The user interface mechanics that included both touch and non-touch. The user interface was able to provide a desktop interface that was similar to other versions hence making it easy to use. Applications such as the Xbox Live, Cortina and the new edition of Internet Explorer called Edge were very new to the users a factor that saw the company gain a lot of praises (McGrath & Price, 2016).
The Microsoft Company later released the Windows 10 privacy policies to the customers. This factor faced a lot of critic from the software users. This is mainly because the software had been integrated to share the user’s private policy information such as contacts with the corporation. This happened after the Microsoft private policy statement that gave permission for the company to be able to access and disclose all personal data when they want to (McGrath & Price, 2016). The software also allowed embedded applications to be able to share the user’s location to the other users. Once the software was embedded in the system, it was able to delete all counterfeit that were not on the Microsoft list of genuine app...

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... given time the OneDrive suffers a data breach. Though the Microsoft Corporation has created a system where the operating system is able to generate the recovery (Pogue, 2015). This has been considered unsafe where various unknown users may be able to obtain the recovery keys of different users and use it for the malicious attempts.
In conclusion, the main issue on Windows 10 operating system has been generalized to have privacy issues that give the embedded features permission to be able to access private information without user’s awareness. The corporation does not grant detailed information as to why the software takes up personal data and information. This means that the operating system mainly takes control over personal data a factor that they need to change and grant the user freedom to use his or her device comfortable without fear of personal data exposure

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