Essay on The Privacy Issue On Facebook

Essay on The Privacy Issue On Facebook

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In the 21st century, digital media has gain popularity from young adults. There are over 1 billion users solely registered on Facebook (Solberg, 2014). However, issues of privacy and publicity are being brought to attention, though it has been used in problematic ways such as academic research, personal reputation, or policing. The faulty policies of social media websites like Facebook are potentially putting users at risk and are outweighing the benefits, which in turn can negatively impact their social perceptions.
The privacy issue on Facebook is a concern that could link to real-life threats. Privacy is not about communication and information, it is the claim of individuals, groups or institutions to determine for themselves when, how, and to what extent information about them is communicated to others (Fuchs, 2011). However, privacy exists as social activities run every day. The question that social networking websites encounter is not how privacy is being best protected but in which cases privacy should be protected and in which cases it should not. It explains why someone is concerned about privacy issues but others do not. Facebook’s obligations are merely to keep wealth and power secret from the public whereas privacy at the bottom of the power pyramid for consumers and normal citizens is seen as a protection from dominant interests. Although Facebook states that they use this information to provide, manage, and advertise their services, to offer services in conjunction with third parties, to serve personalized advertisements, to facilitate and encourage ‘‘friending,’’ to make their users visible to search engines, to respond to legal requests, and to prevent harm (Stein, 2013, p. 363). Facebook also states that they want...

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...ding the conditions of use on these sites allows users to better assess, and advocate for, the levels of influence and control they consider acceptable on the sites they use (Stein, 2013, p. 368). Some of the consequences of sexting are prioritizing humiliation as ‘the worst’ consequence for girls, and criminalization as the most important consequence facing boys (Karaian, 2014, p. 288). As a whole, social media are inevitable in terms of a daily entertainment for teenagers however they usually become victims as of misunderstanding certain terms and conditions offered by the sites; and they might become sexually abusive by offending a victim through sexting (does not matter which gender; heterosexual or homosexual). Ultimately, these sites should only be used 'at your own risks ' or under parental guidance for safety reasons and standardize youngsters’ social norms.

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