Essay about Privacy And Stress Caused By Social Media

Essay about Privacy And Stress Caused By Social Media

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Privacy and Stress Caused by Social Media
Throughout the years we have faced plenty of issues related to privacy and stress by social media. Social media has gotten more and more influential in our lives, and during this internet age, many of us would be lost without it. As stated by Claire Suddath, “checking e-mail in the bathroom and sleeping with your cell phone by your bed are now considered normal.” (Suddath 501) The internet has become a huge web of things where you can find information of anything and everything that you could possibly want to learn about. We have turned to social media to put our information out into the public for anyone to see and read about what is going on. This seems like a great idea at first but the more personal information you put out for the world to see, the more stress and anxiety you are likely to face.
As stated before, social media has made it more beneficial for us in the way of putting our information going on in our lives out there for our “friends’ to view it. This may be what we use the internet for, but who is really seeing what we post? As Curtis Silver says, “when it comes down to it, anyone we don’t know on a personal level is nothing more than a stranger.” (Silver 446) This being said, all of our “friends” that are viewing our business may not actually be our friend in real life. In our generation it has become normal to accept friend requests from people that we do not know and to interact with people who “like” and “comment” on our posts as if we have known them for a period of time offline. We do not tend to realize that maybe we shouldn’t have conversations with these people and some open up about personally topics without knowing if they can trust the person on the ot...

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...he amount of people that you include in your everyday issues, the less stress you will have due to social media.
On the plus side of social media, there are privacy settings that can help keep your information safe. On media sites such as Facebook and Instagram there are settings that allow you to make your account private and choose who can and cannot view what you post. Also, you are able to block people from being your friend and limit their ability to search for you online. With these settings you are better able to practice internet safety.
In conclusion, social media is a very dangerous place to put your information on. Parents need to warn their children about what they should and should not do on the internet. We should all be more aware of what lays on the internet.The internet is an easy place to hide behind false identities which creates a dangerous world.

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