Privacy and Ethics: Internet Neutrality Essays

Privacy and Ethics: Internet Neutrality Essays

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Privacy & Ethics (Chapter 13 p. 528, 546)

This doesn’t pertain to any one section or specific topic within chapter 13, as it is an example of an application of such privacy and ethics on a more global scale.

The Internet has been humanity’s information dream and convoluted cesspool of crime over at least the past decade. This is primarily because the Internet is devoid of any rules and laws. Personally, the trade off of lawlessness for infinite freedom was never troubling, nor a thought in my mind. There was never a point where I felt it necessary to picket our government for an Internet constitution, even when someone stole my credit card numbers and purchased a new car on the Internet. Yet, the net neutrality debacle has given me pause to consider that maybe we really do need something in place to protect the sanctity of the net. Motivated by greed that is business, companies like Comcast seek to control the bandwidth we are permitted to use. This was brought about because of companies like Netflix, that offer large amounts of streaming that soaks up bandwidth, becoming popular. Now Comcast wants to be able to sell bandwidth, putting certain people at an advantage (but aren’t they already selling bandwidth as an internet provider?). Brazil, and what this article is about, has enacted a law that acts as an Internet Bill of Rights. The law restricts how much data companies can harvest from their consumers, while also preventing Internet providers from acting as a “toll road” by charging for bandwidth.

It is my hope that the US will follow Brazil, especially in the case of net neutrality. As a web developer, my largest fear is that all the aspects that set apart good developers and bad will be trumped by who has a larger pur...

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...were never clarified (thankfully, I worked in isolation). I’ve seen new tools being brought to the table that overcomplicated very simple processes, all for the sake of being “hip” to what the new technologies are. The one thing that this article didn’t mention was methodologies such as scrum that can be your best friend or worst nightmare. I have to say the experience was highly educational, as it wasn’t all completely negative. It was this company’s flaws that made me appreciate what it is like to build a company from the ground up, and the valuable perspectives that can make or break a team. Disclaimer: This company will be successful, in my opinion, and my analysis is simply an application of the subject I picked.

Kogekar, Herment. "Why IT projects really fail." CIO. 5 Dec. 2013. 28 Apr. 2014 .

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