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Prisons for Profit
When the average person thinks of a prison, what is often the thought that comes to mind? Perhaps an environment of reform is envisioned, or maybe a place for punishment. Maybe someone sees them as modern leper colonies, where countries send their undesirables. It could be that prisons are all of these things, or they could be none. With these ambiguities in the general definition of a prison it is easy to say that the everyday person could have no real critical perspective on what they truly are. That being said, if the average person were presented with Angela Davis’s perspective, and the perspective of many scholars, they may be shocked to learn what prisons truly are. This perspective presents prisons as a profitable industrial complex very similar to the military industrial complex. Like the military industrial complex, in the “prison industrial complex,” investors make large amounts of money off the backs of imprisoned inmates. It is interesting to note how similar these two systems are, with closer analysis; it seems to me as though one may have developed from the other. On another note, the prison industrial complex also appears to have a correlation with the globalization of labor; which makes it possible to assume that one contributed to the development of the other here as well. However, where the prison industrial complex’s roots lie is not as big an issue as the simple question of the morality of the practice. A person can know the history of the issue all they want but the important matter is addressing it.
When a person begins this matter of addressing an issue they must always start somewhere. In this instance, it is best to start at defining the prison industrial itself. The prison indust...

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...sons under the rug and ignore their existence entirely in their day to day lives. Much is the same about private wars and the inner working of the corporation that fund them. Rather than focus on these important issues people go through their lives in a clueless daze. It is important for those who are aware of these things to inform those who are not in order to make the severity of these topics known by all. Only by making these issues common knowledge can there be hope for any substantial change. It is my hope that people turn away from the relatively meaningless trivialities they focus on in their day to day lives and instead turn their attention towards topics more worthy of their attention. Until the time comes when people do so, I will do my part to inform those I can in hopes that it sparks some kind of interest in them to investigate these issues as well.

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