Prisoners Written by Aaron Guzikowski and Directed by Denis Villeneuve Essay

Prisoners Written by Aaron Guzikowski and Directed by Denis Villeneuve Essay

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Prisoners (2013), written by Aaron Guzikowski and directed by Denis Villeneuve, portrays the story of two families torn a part after their daughters are kidnapped. The film follows the psychological horror that can overcome a parent’s fear when an event like this happens. You either choose to keep faith or crawl deep with hate, grief, regrets and revenge. The cinematography of this film is quite impressive, as the images are completed with intriguing sequences from scene to scene. The authentic feel and realism in this film is fascinating; there is also the practice of face to face drama that projects a lot of credibility. Villeneuve happens to deliver many themes that are represented through images, signs and atmosphere in the film. The religious representation and the idea of a labyrinth are part of the  aspects of this movie; it portrays many cultural issues that are present in our lives and in our society.
Nowadays, religion has divided people in many ways; the notion of faith and believing in a God is a question many of us ask from generation to generation in our rapidly evolving society. The cultural identity individuals once lived are no longer the same. Many things changed, people commit more sins than good actions, this cultural issue is current in our everyday life. Prisoners is about this idea, the lost of cultural identity in a way the characters might of once had. The religious symbolism represented in the film has a significant impact on the events and their meanings. The intellectual achievements are different for all characters. It does effectively seems like a cultural issue in Villeneuve’s film. Many characters are torn between cultural values and it isn't applicable to all of them. It has been said many times t...

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...ot of powerful themes that are beautifully represented on the screen. The director used many aspects and devices to portray the different concerns in the film. Though it follows the psychological confusion and terror that surrounds those events, this film shows us that anything can happen and how  people can individually deal with it. Our beliefs, religious or not can bring us to do things normally unthinkable in certain situations. The representation of signs are very important throughout the film, it is giving the audience information. The labyrinth reveals  a path to follow where many possibilities are given, whether they are good or bad, almost majestically asking, what would you do? Denis Villeneuve delivers his ideas to the viewers in a highly unconventional obscure way, which carries the audience in another dimension and makes it just as entertaining as real.

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