Essay on Prison to Paris

Essay on Prison to Paris

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As our novel starts, a British man, Mr. Lorry, makes his way to Paris. He’s on a very troubling mission. Eighteen years ago Dr. Manette, a French doctor, was imprisoned without any warning or even any trial. He was locked up in the worst prison of all prisons, the Bastille. After almost two decades, he was released without any reason and he stayed with an old servant of his, Ernst Defarge. Mr. Lorry is on a mission to bring Mr. Manette back to England, where he can live in peace with his daughter. After Dr. Manette is free, he’s still a broken man. He spends most of his time repairing together shoes and pacing in his room. He still thinks he is in prision and doesn’t know he can leave his room. Dr. Manette seems destined to live a pitiful life.

Dr. Manette happens to have a wonderful daughter. Lucie, the child he left eighteen years ago, is now a grown-up and beautiful. Everything she touches seems to turn to gold. Lucie seems to be made out as perfect. She is a key point in helping her father feel at peace again. Lucie does manage to bring Dr. Manette back into the everyday world. Within 5 years, Dr. Manette is a new man. He’s a practicing doctor again. He and Lucie live in a small house in Soho. They don’t have much money, but Lucie manages to light up their lives. Mr. Lorry also seems to be like part of the family.

In 1780, Dr. Manette and Lucie have been called as witnesses in a treason case. A young man named Charles Darnay is accused of providing classified information to the French government. Lucie gives a sympathetic testimony and so does another man who strangely looks like Charles Darnay. Charles is then released. A free man, Charles Darnay begins to fall for Lucie. He sets up shop in the Manette house, coming to visi...

... middle of paper ... This time, the Defarges have accused him of being a member of the nobility. Dr. Manette tries to stop it. The court case for Charles’s second trial goes very differently from the first one. Ernst Defarge produces a letter, written by Dr. Manette himself, which dooms Charles to death. Dr. Manette had written down the history of his own imprisonment and stowed it in a wall of the Bastille. The history tells a sordid tale of rape and murder, the crimes committed by Charles’s father and brother. Furious, the jury of French revolutionary "citizens" decides that Charles should pay for the crimes of his father.

Before he can be executed Sydney Carton comes to the rescue. A few tricks and a couple of disguises later, Charles is a free man. He and his family head back to England. Sydney had taken Charles’ place and he is killed instead. This is a very heroic sacrifice.

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