Prison System Is The High Rate Of Incarceration Essay

Prison System Is The High Rate Of Incarceration Essay

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There are many issues within the United States Prison System today. Two leading examples of what is wrong with the prison system is the high rate of incarceration and the unjust laws that help land people in our prisons. Unfortunately, over the years, there have been few attempts to repair these problems. Fortunately, there are several ways that we can address these issues.
A major problem within the prison system is the high rate of incarceration. According to “Facts about the Prison System in the U.S”, sixty-six percent of released convicts will end up back in jail at some point in their life. One reason for this repeat rate is because the newly released convicts are unprepared for life outside of prison. For example, when paroled convicts are released back into society they are unable to obtain many of the essential things necessary in order to survive in today’s world. For example, according to the article “Slammed,” people who have been incarcerated are denied the right to a driver 's license, student loans, and job opportunities. In today 's world, if you live outside of a major city, you need a driver 's license if you hope to go from one place to another or more importantly, if you need to travel to work. Education is another area where a released inmate is denied his or her equal rights. If a paroled convict attempts to improve their position in life through education, they may have a hard time accomplishing this task because they cannot afford to pay for their education because of the low wage jobs they have. Newly released prisoners also have a difficult time finding jobs because of their past criminal record. SOCIETY PLACES restrictions on former prisoners because we are afraid of what that they might do when th...

... middle of paper ... when it comes to the money side of prisons is not so much the money that is spent building new prisons; it is the money that is being made. In other words, the prisons need to be built and there are tons of people just waiting for the chance to make a lot of money by building them.
In order to make our society better, we need to fix the prison system. Another idea we could implement thing we can do to in order to change the incarceration rate would be to develop job opportunities for parolees. We also need to make changes to how we administer mental health support. With proper mental health care, we should be able to reduce the prison population and more importantly, reduce the number of repeat offenders. I believe, we can make the nation safer and will have more money to spend on more important things if we work on repairing our broken prison system.

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