Essay on Prison Sanctions And Institutional Based Correctional Sanctions

Essay on Prison Sanctions And Institutional Based Correctional Sanctions

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I will be describing the similarities and differences of community-based correctional sanctions and institutional-based correctional sanctions. The similarities in these two sanctions are that the individual is going through the treatment on the inside and they are continuing it on the outside. The difference is community-based corrections are your either placed on parole or given probation, and institutional-based corrections means that the individual is placed in a prison or jail, which means they are housed in a secure correctional facility.
The benefits of community-based correctional sanctions are “to achieve public safety through reduced recidivism”, and managing the offenders through the community. Community based is also less expensive than incarceration and more flexible. Another thing rehabilitation will be more efficient as the offender will not be subjected to hardened offenders within the prisons who could possibly have an impact on his/her to a life of unlawful acts. One of the benefits of institutional-based versus community-based is to build more excellent use of institutional corrections as a stage of advancement to help offenders become more independent and effective members of civilization. This is why I believe that community-based corrections could have a less effective outcome of the individual.
In my opinion the drawbacks of community-based corrections are just trying to get back to your everyday life. Therefore am I going to be sucked back into a life of crime that I once was in and go back to jail or prison? Another drawback to this is the victim and how they feel about the offender being let back into society, of course if that is the situation. As a citizen, I am not too sure if this works, I h...

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...a year and did not truly learn his lesson. I am not saying he got out and did it again, but he is still controlling towards her. With that said I am still leaning more toward institutional-based corrections more than community-based.
In conclusion, I believe that institutional-based corrections is for sure the most effective. But, is there really a right or wrong answer to which is more effective? I would have to say it comes from the individual who done the crime and how that person was raised, or whether or not their parents raised them or not. As far as community-based corrections, I worry that the offender will be led back into the life that put them in prison to begin with. But I know we as a community have to believe that the judicial system works as a whole, and it helps get the offender learn from his/her mistakes and become a valued member of the community.

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