Prism : The Mass Electronic Surveillance Program, Operated By Us National Security Agency

Prism : The Mass Electronic Surveillance Program, Operated By Us National Security Agency

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The access to the data or information, it is captured using a program called PRISM.
This is the mass electronic surveillance program, operated by US National security agency since the year 2007 (Kopstein, 2013). There are lot of people that still do not know about the PRISM, the basic idea is it collects information regarding an individual or many from world’s major technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and Apple etc. whenever requested by National security agency.
As this has become the burning issue, the focus of the people has turned towards PRSIM on how it does and what all it consist of? There were many misunderstandings in the beginning, in some articles it been mentioned that PRISM is just tool for analysing the data rather than collecting the information. Some other has speculated that the companies were not providing the direct access to their servers or database. (Ball, 2013)
PRISM is more likely to be a Web-based application or a search engine rather than like a program, a huge big data operation that uses the algorithms, natural languages and search syntax to transmit data to NSA. (Whittaker, 2013)
PRISM a Big Deal

Former NSA contractor Snowden leaked the presentation slides based on the PRISM. The Washington post has published the report based on these slides on June 6 stating that NSA has direct access to the server of Google, Facebook and other US private companies, but these organizations deny the participation in PRISM (Kopstein, 2013)
NSA uses this PRISM program to target the encrypted communications when they travelled across the internet. It has been also found the NSA collects 2 kinds of Data i.e. metadata and other Content, Metadata is nothing but a sensitive by-product of comm...

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...ting you from this surveillance programs
• Using the software’s or websites, which are, not involve directly or indirectly with any global surveillance.
• Using operating systems like Debian, fedora, Open BSD etc...
• Installing Web Browser Add-ons for example Installing Ad block Edge will prevent the users from been tracked. It blocks the advertisements.
• Use the unlogged web searches, like DuckDuckGo. It a SaaS, which provides anonymous search responses. Similar to it the other software named as MetaGer, which is also a SaaS.
• Using open PGP “Pretty Good Privacy”, PGP is as type of Data Encryption and Decryption programs, which provide privacy by applying cryptography.
• Off the Record Messaging provides strong encryption for messaging service, which uses a combination of AES, The Diffie-Hellman key exchange and the SHA-1 hash function e.g. Pidgin (Anon., n.d.)

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