Print- A Thing of the Past Essay

Print- A Thing of the Past Essay

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“Ten years ago, everyone bought paper- and hardback books. Many people now read on iPhones, Kindles, Nooks, plus a variety of other electronic devices, and many books are published exclusively as e-reads” (Dawson-Cook 21). As technology progresses, so does the way the world reads. No longer must enthusiastic bookworms pay retail for costly hardcovers or spend hours searching library shelves, only to find their desired book already checked out. Does this mean libraries are going to close? No. Many libraries are already offering eBooks for checkout (Wogan). Ebooks are simply giving libraries more options. Many newspapers and magazines are already available to be viewed on the screen of a computer or smartphone. Does this mean the only way to read is off a screen? Again, no. There will always be hardcopies of such publications. According to Albrecht, “Printed books will survive, and probably continue to sell fairly well” (28). However, as technology advances, it only makes sense that books do as well. Although books are traditionally published in print, eBooks are on the rise with popularity, convenience, and conventionalism: digital publishing should continue to gradually replace print.
Books in print format have been popular for centuries and are still in common use today. About 70% of books today are in print (Coker 188). However, this number will decrease due to the disadvantages of print compared to that of eBooks. For example, eBooks have an average cost of less than $9.99 while the average price of a new hardcover is $26 (Rich). For avid readers, this margin can allow more books to be purchased for a lower price. For students carrying an average $900 worth of textbooks to school each day, eTextbooks c...

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