Principles Underlying Operating System ( Os ) Essay

Principles Underlying Operating System ( Os ) Essay

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Principles Underlying Operating System:
An Operating System (OS) is a manager which manages hardware and software components and makes them usable to the end user.
There are many operating systems available to use such as Windows, Android, Linux and Apple OS. All operating systems(OS) are designed with some fundamental principles keeping in mind. Every operating system makes the hardware to be used and generating high performance. Security is one of the fundamental principles which has to be taken care by the developers while designing a operating system as the data is very important. Multiple firewalls have to be designed such that any threats could not access the data in any system without authorization.
While designing an operating system the design has to be simple, usable and elegant such that the end user can understand and make optimal use of the OS. The OS has to be simple and direct to operate. The OS has to be reliable; a frequent crash of the OS generally indicates the bad design of the OS. The OS has to be consistent and robust.

Process Management:
Operating Systems (OS) are designed to provide resources to number of processes. Process management is built into the operating systems to process the data and allocate the required resources without overlapping from another process. Operating systems are designed to maintain a data structure which is related to a particular process and has full hold of the process. Process management is integrated into the ...

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... to operate, for example the latest version of Microsoft Operating System in Windows 10 which requires only 1GHZ(Gigahertz) Processor and 1GB(Gigabyte) of RAM and only 16GB(Gigabyte) of hard disk space to install and operate. The security is high in Windows when compared to other operating systems. The desktop interface is very easy to operate and graphically interactive. The latest versions of Windows such as Windows 10 are very interactive with a good layout of the applications in the desktop which provides the best view for the user. Windows automatically generates crash and bug reports and sends them to the development team such that they can be solved. Most of the applications are compatible and most of the file types are readable by Windows. The major disadvantage of Windows is, it gets affected by Viruses due to the extensive use and popularity of windows.

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