The Principles Of Which The Fathers Achieved Independence Essay

The Principles Of Which The Fathers Achieved Independence Essay

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Part One
John Adams once wrote, “The general principles on which the fathers achieved independence were the general principles of Christianity.” It was those biblical principles that drove our founding fathers to free themselves from the oppression of a tyrannical government and form a new federal government, especially the covenantal principals. Fedis is Latin for covenant; and American Federalism was the new covenant our founding fathers entered into with the states, and therefore with the people. This new government would rule with the consent of the people, as seen in the MOSAIC covenant, in contrast to the way King George was ruling the colonies. This government would acknowledge that man has inalienable rights granted by their Creator, including life, liberty and property, as seen in the ADAMIC covenant, and that it was the function of the state to secure those rights. This was in stark contrast to the French Revolution, based on rationalism, in which man granted himself whatever rights he chose for himself, removing God from the equation entirely.
This new government needed leaders; those who rose to the occasion did so due to in whole or part due to their biblical principles. Just as Abraham led a nation, as Moses led the people out of Egypt and Joshua led them into the Promised Land. They would need to possess the wisdom, justice and righteousness of Solomon. They would need to be humble and be willing to live for God’s glory, not be self-seeking. And these leaders would need to become statesmen; in addition to having all of the attributes of a good leader, they would need an understanding of the political process and how the government should actually work.
Part Two
George Washington was a leader, a statesman...

... middle of paper ...

... Bush found Jesus and welcomed Him into his life.
Americans were shaken by the events of September 11, 2001. But Bust did not speak of the events of as a “terrorist attack”; in the days that followed he spoke of “answering the attacks” and “ridding the world of evil.” He also stated, “The world is of moral design” and spoke of good versus evil. America is good, and we were suffering because evil people resent our freedoms. “We have been assured, neither death nor life, nor height nor depth, can separate us from God’s love. May he bless the souls of the departed. May He comfort our own. And may He always guide our country. God bless America.” These are the words of a leader and a statesman in contemporary times.
This is in stark contrast to our current leaders. One who cannot even say the name of our enemy. How do fight an evil that you cannot even identify?

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