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The Principles Of The Constitution Essay

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Our Constitution was created by our founding fathers to ensure that the rights that for would never be infringed upon by anyone, especially the government. The drafters of the Constitution drew from previous documents and experience to make a statement that would govern not only the people, but the individual governments as well. Just as the Constitution guarantees our citizens rights, it also allocates specific rights to the states and federal governments. It also dictates when one may overrule the other. The Constitution has had longevity because of the fact that it can be modified or interpreted to be relevant to the current situation. We will discuss how the structured branches of government are designed to govern, as well as the rights that the Constitution is designed to protect.
The first section of the Constitution is the Preamble, it basically outlines the purpose of the Constitution. It primary goal is to provide defense, freedom, justice, and promote peace for everyone. There are seven articles in the Constitution, these articles shaped our government’s structure. They are designed to maintain the integrity of the government and Constitution, by outlining the conditions that must be met in order to make changes. The government is made of three branches, they are the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial (Albert, 2014).
The Executive Branch is composed of a number of federal agencies, but it is headed by the President. He oversees 15 departments, which are referred to as the Cabinet. The Cabinet helps to advise the President on a plethora of issues relating to his duties. The Vice-President is also a part of this group of advisors, he serves at the behest of the President and is the success...

... middle of paper ... of that right, they should because it affects other parts of society and impacts legislation that eventually trickle down to the local levels of government (Douglas, 2014).
Our founding fathers enabled this document to flexible enough to grow over time, there are very few cases without precedence, but most cases can be interpreted based on some law we already have. With technology advancing at a new astronomical rate, it is hard for the legislators to keep up with the every changing digital landscape. The laws have been reinterpreted to account for the amount of access we have to each other. Facebook, Instagram, Myspace, and Snapchat have basically lowered our expectations of privacy; when you send something into cyberspace it becomes public, so legislators have to constantly amend laws that will protect individuals from having their rights violated.

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